Grocery Shopping

I'm still keeping the budget and plan to keep documenting to really see where our food dollars are going.  So far so good.....................

Since this week is really February, my totals for the month of January (last two weeks of the month) are:
TOTAL OOP:  $201.55 (over budget $1.55)
TOTAL SAVED:  $213.15

Winn Dixie 
9 frozen pizza
2 bags rolls (Vienna sandwich rolls)
5 avocados
1 loaf bread (on sale)

Spent $19.70
Saved $17.12

2 lbs butter
2 bags chips
4 lb sugar
5 lb flour
oreo type cookies
1 dozen eggs
1 pkg yellow rice
1 pkg flour tortillas
1 box plastic freezer bags
1 spiral sliced ham (going out of season)
1 pkg plum tomatoes
1 pineapple
1 head lettuce
2 green peppers
3 heads garlic
1 pkg mushrooms
1 bunch bananas
3 lbs yellow onions
1 tub sour cream
1 pkg texas 5 cheese toast
1 loaf bread
4 cans  tomato sauce
2 cans cream of chicken soup
1 container parmesan cheese
1 pkg wafernusse chocolate
4 lbs oranges

Estimated Saved--$50.00

Total For February Week One--$72.67.  I still have $27.22 to spend and Winn Dixie has whole rib roasts on sale for the cheapest price I've ever seen.  Our neighbors want to split one, so my budget for this week will be gone but....we will have a lot of steak meals while staying (almost) within our budget.