Chocolate Chip Cookies--Freezer Dessert

Much to my delight and surprise, you can pre make and freeze homemade chocolate chip cookies!
I was reading around the web during Christmas time and found the idea to freeze the cookies and give them as gifts.  I decided I would try it out.
Well, it works!
I made the dough as I would normally, and then used a small scoop and froze the cookies in a single layer on a sheet pan.  After they were frozen, I transferred them to a storage bag.  When I was ready to make them, I took them out put them on the baking sheet and cooked according to the directions of my original recipe, 350 degrees, 12-14 minutes.  It didn't seem that the cooking time was even increased.  This absolutely is a great idea for a quick dessert for the family, holiday treats, or even an impromptu get together with friends.
The finished product