To Do List 2/1/11

Oh my goodness, I haven't written a To Do list in like two weeks.  There are a few things that just have to get done over this week so if I write them, then they will hopefully will happen!

  1. MD appointment.
  2. Clean out car/use gift certificate for wash.didn't have washed as it's gonna rain tomorrow--why waste my gift card?
  3. Open a Christmas Club account, find out how to link accounts, pay bills, enter items to Quicken.Didn't get by the bank....oh well.  I did enter items into Quicken.
  4. Clean out frig.
  5. Make dinner.steaks are marinating!
  6. Pick up kids of course I will, how could I not?
  7. Go to Winn Dixie.
  8. Go to Publix for super duper deals!Going after dinner!
  9. Get crushed ice from Tijuana Flats after MD appt.they weren't open yet :(
  10. Enjoy the day and relax a little!watching a little dvr!