To Do 1/4/11

My Boys

Can I just get a BIG hallelujah that I am not working today!  Tabby Tuesday is back and I am so happy!  Hopefully, this day off weekly will get my life back in balance and keep me from feeling like I've been run over and left for dead! (Notice all of the exclamation points?  I really mean it.) 
Anyway, I still have stuff to here is the proverbial list.

  1. Take Boy #1 to school.Rode with the neighbor.
  2. Some laundry.Did 3 loads
  3. Educational requirements on the computer.Finished one, the other wouldn't load
  4. Go by the hospital for a PPD test.Still not feeling great decided not to go.
  5. Get holiday gift from human resources.Didn't go by there.
  6. Two doctors appointments.
  7. Clean out one drawer. (I'm starting small)Did the cleanest, kind of cheated.
  8. Investigate organizational items on the internet.
  9. Read some of my book on my Kindle.At the doctor's office
  10. Print a couple more pictures of the kids for relatives.Didn't feel like going to store as my memory card doesn't fit into my new printer :(
  11. Get new organizational file binder for bills.Did last night
  12. Get storyboard for Boy #2 science project.Did last night
  13. Pick up the neighborhood kids and my own from school.
  14. Iron uniforms.Oh who cares about wrinkles?
  15. Look for new work shoes--my toes are KILLING me.Decided to wear my crocs until can find the kind I want.
  16. Cook dinner
  17. Pack lunches
  18. Update Quicken
  19. Make labels for new bill binder Will do tonight after dinner.
I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but if everything goes exactly according to plan....I should be able to do it all.  I'll update later!