Grocery Shopping

I forgot to take a picture of everything I got today but I did pretty good and got some really good deals!  My budget of approximately $100 is just about gone, but we should be absolutely fine for the rest of the week.

1/24/11 shopping trip

  • Total OOP $93.00 (nope, I almost didn't believe it either...two weeks in a row with an even amount at the register).  I really could subtract about $28 for household items, eg: store brand laundry soap, candles that were BOGO with coupons off and cheaper than the discount store etc, but I'm trying to include those in my grocery budget.
  • Total Saved $82.09

Totals for month so far....
Amount Saved-$213.15

I'm still over 50% (just barely) but I'll take it!


  1. Tabby, those are awesome savings on your grocery bill! You did a great job shopping. :)


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