Grocery Shopping and Salisbury Steak

I went to the grocery store again today to take advantage of the meat sales at our local market.  The store that I was able to go to has a great meat department and their selection is mostly outstanding.  I bought things that I needed and saved, saved, saved.  So here are the totals....

1.  Pork Tenderloin (2) BOGO
2.  Roaster Chickens (2) BOGO
3.  Country Pork Ribs (2) BOGO
4.  Christmas Wrapping .20 cent each (2)
5.  Christmas Cards 1.00 each (2)
6.  Zucchini and Yellow Squash
7.  White Grapes
8.  Chuck Roast (2) BOGO

I purchased all of this for.....$56.00
and I saved $74.21.  YAY!  Especially since my freezer was completely out of meat, we are now set for a while!
Total OOP: $95.90
Saved:  $127.67

I know that others are able to save a lot more than I did, but I am over 50% savings, and under $100 for the week.  We'll see where I go from here.

This was a super easy dinner that Boy #1 cooked for us.  The patties were browned (freezer made and then defrosted in frig) and then simmered with dried onion soup mix (mixed with 2 cups of water) until cooked through.  We then stirred in approximately 1/2 cup sour cream for the sauce.  We served the Salisbury Steak with rice and sauteed okra.  Really easy and quick!