What I Did Yesterday

  1. Actually this one was the night before...drumroll please, I paid bills and balanced the checkbook! Yay!
  2. Woke up, got ready, took my pre printed list, along with coupons, and headed out for the stores!
  3. Went to Wal Mart :(  Not my favorite, but I did get a lot of stocking stuffers!
  4. Went to Publix and did the BOGO deals and purchased meat that was on sale.
  5. Came home and put everything away, started a load of wash.
  6. Made a present look pretty and headed off to my Macy's eight year old party.
  7. Left the party and went shopping with Mom.
  8. Came home, made marinara, browned burger, made chicken stock, roasted chicken, made lava cakes, prepared the roast in crockpot (have it set up to plug in the morning, chopped veggies for roasting, packed lunches, made grapefruit/orange juice, made lemon juice to freeze.
  9. Found out what time we're starting work tomorrow.
  10. Put a packet together of things I need to take with me tomorrow.
I feel like today was the accomplishment day, as I haven't been overly productive on the home front lately.  The only thing we didn't get done was the Christmas tree.  Our new to us tradition is to get a live tree fairly close to Christmas and decorate it with homemade goodies.  It just seems like so much more fun than in the past when I would decide on a theme.  Of course, I wanted my tree perfect, so no one else could even help.
Those days are over!
Stress is less!
I'll post a picture when we're all done.


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