Menu Plan Update

Okay, two days on track for our meals!  Meatloaf yesterday, and Chicken Pasta today.  I do have to confess that there have been no salads but.......Rome wasn't built in a day, huh?,  and absolutely no promises for today.  I plan to do most of the preparation for next week's meals this weekend since I am finally off for a long one.  Here's the plan for my time off.

  • FRIDAY--Farmer's Market,Hair cut, Return an item to Sam's Club, Shop for any missing items for freezer cooking (I'm planning on using what we have first).  Make porcupine meatballs, chocolate chip cookies, Crockpot marinara, mashed and stuffed potatoes for freezer, pizza dough, some sort of bread (maybe this recipe)
  • SATURDAY--Christmas shopping, Christmas Parade.
  • SUNDAY--Finish up cooking, Macy's Birthday!!!