Menu Plan Monday 12/27/10--First Ever Two Week Plan

I hope that everyone had a magical Christmas filled with family, friends, and good food.  I am trying something new since I know that the first week of the new year will be crazy busy for me as the physician I work for will be back in town and ready to go!  I'm going to attempt to prepare some things for the freezer over this week that I won't be working, so that the next week's meals will be easy peasy.  As usual and customary for most families, lighter is better after all the rich goodies that we have been eating over the last two months.  Something else I'm going to do is NOT assign a day to a meal for the first week since I'm not working and it will just depend on what we do that day.  My husband is also off and who knows what projects we might take on.  Hopefully some painting and curtain hanging :o).
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Week of 12/27/10
  1. Grilled Chicken Sandwiches
  2. Porcupine Meatballs (skipped last week)  Made pork country ribs with sauerkraut--hubby requested for New Year's Eve.
  3. Breakfast for Dinner (Omelets, toast, Hashbrown casserole)
  4. Homemade Pizza and Salad  Had Chinese Take Out
  5. Cilantro BBQ Pork Chops (Too cold to use the grill made a lighter version of smothered pork)
  6. Chili  Chicken Stir Fry (already changed, but hubby cooked!)
Each meal will have a vegetable or salad served with it.  Lunches for the week will be sandwiches and leftovers as the kids will be home from school.  I don't normally plan for Saturday especially since this week's day will be the new year.  Each day I am going to fulfill one task to make next week's meals easier.

Week of 1/3/11

This is it, nothing super exciting, but good, medium caloric content food.  We plan on including some increased activity into our week and decreasing portion sizes over the next few months.  We all want to get a little healthier during the new year.  Vitamins and some lifestyle changes are in order.  
I'm planning on adding at least 6-7 meals for the freezer to make some of the really busy nights a little easier for all of us.  My husband has committed to helping out for dinner time so that we can all sit down together more during the week but.....he's starting to attend college on January 5 so I don't want to make it too hard on him.

I'm hoping to update with reviews for the new recipes, so stay tuned and.....