I'm closer to my goal!

Who's to say that a plan that comes together has to be accomplished by the plan that you planned?
Yesterday, my Boy #2 was helping put things in the freezer, take things out of the freezer etc, etc.  As you may have guessed, what I said, and what he heard were definitely two different things so....after complaining quite a bit and asking him if he'd like the {ahem}...
"Phone a friend" option,
(From I want to be a millionaire show)
I got over myself and reworked the way I was going to get everything done.  And, most importantly, I accomplished a lot!

So here's what was cooked/frozen/baked today:

  1. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
  2. Slow Cooked Country Pork Ribs with Sauerkraut
  3. Italiano Ravioli
  4. Banana Split Cake
  5. Baked Taquitos 
Still have to make White Trash, Cowboy Cookies....

    and, I wasn't able to do make the chicken pot pie filling because Boy #2 froze the whole chicken, instead of placing it in the frig.  We put it in the frig for a slow defrost so I will make that tomorrow, prior to the fun fest next door.  We straightened up the house, changed some light bulbs, put away our laundry, did some more laundry, and relaxed today. Three out of four of us are still battling the cold/flu yukkies!

    The sweet treats that I made today and the ones I'm making tomorrow, are for the New Year's Outdoor Games and Sports shindig that we have annually with our neighbors.  After these are gone, there won't be any more for a while ;o)  Yep, we're working on putting our "big booty sydrome" into remission!