Woo Hoo--I Won!

This past Saturday, we attended the annual Miller's Chili/Soup Cook Off (friends of ours that organize this fun event every year).  In addition to a lot of good food, we get to see people that we only see once a year.  Needless to say, we anticipate and plan for this event long before it occurs.

In a previous post, I gave the recipe for my chili entry which didn't win..... but the Cheeseburger Soup found an audience with the people who were there on Saturday!  I actually decided to enter the soup at the last minute.  I had made the soup for the boys to eat for dinner, but they persuaded me to take it with us.  I'm not sure if they thought it was so good that it would win or if they just wanted take out Chinese food......probably a little of both.  Either way, I won second place....Yay for me!

My prize was this beautiful turkey pin and two Tervis tumblers!

Thanks Jeff and Susan.