Operation Jamaica

Okay, all of the goals for the past weeks, along with the no eating after 7, sleeping, vitamin taking, exercising, etc is ultimately to feel better.

YEAH, RIGHT! (well, kind of)

Actually, we have an upcoming trip to Jamaica to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary.  We have scrimped and saved so that none of our so called "operating cash" has to be used for this adventure. That's how my couponing and bargain shopping are working for me! Our vacation is paid for....with extra cash saved for fun, exciting, excursions.  We are going to an all inclusive resort so the fancy dinners and the umbrella drinks are not extra.  Yay!

I love, love, love, the beach and can think of NO better way to celebrate, relax, and recharge, than lying very still in the sun and reading a good book!

Just trying to curb the anticipation of the trip.  The best adventures come with absolutely no forethought!