I'm thinking if there is not so much pressure, I 'll get more done if I start my Tuesday To Do Lists on the weekend.  So as usual, I'll shoot right in:

  1. Put up back splash in kitchen.
  2. Have a look at the brakes on my car.
  3. Shop for bargains at a great community sale!
  4. Take Boy #1 to the thrift store (his idea)
  5. Shop for the week ahead.
  6. Paint my nails DONE
  7. Repaint my toes.
  8. Laundry
  9. Shop for wearable socks.--looked but didn't find
  10. Tan (head hung low as I completely know better, but I'm going to Jamaiica and I need some color)
  11. LOTION, LOTION, LOTION--I must make this a habit, dry elephant skin is not attractive!
  12. Write a menu plan  for the week.
  13. Invite neighborhood over for lunch/dinner-nixed by husband until remodel done
Okay, there's a start, you never know what may be added or taken away at a momen't notice.  Planning on watchin some football!