Oooh, I'm tired but it's not because I haven't been following my set out schedule for myself.  I've just worked and worked and worked, although my variation for comfort might be stretched a bit.  I'm gonna keep on keepin on!

  • Tuesday--Bed at 10:02, took my vitamins, cooked up a storm for the week, and ate dinner 6:00!
  • Wednesday--Bed at 09:58, took vitamins, ate dinner at 7:30.
  • Thursday--Got in bed by 10:00, but I did watch a show until later.  Forgot to take my B12 shot.
  • Friday--Bed by 11:00, took B12 shot, ate dinner late but....couldn't help it, I didn't get home until 8pm!
Okay, next week I'm gonna be more rigid so that I don't end up with a sleep deficit and horrible fatigue!