Tuesday TO DO LIST

Here I go again...with the lists!  It just makes me feel so organized :)

  1. Take Boy #2 to school.
  2. Pick up B12.
  3. Go to the bank.
  4. Balance check book and pay bills.
  5. Make pizza crust.
  6. Make bread.
  7. Get a Birthday card-getting while picking kids up.
  8. Get car washed.
  9. Make peach crisp.
  10. Get apples and make Slab Apple Pie for freezer-this weekend instead.
  11. Call Nicole and Karen.
  12. Go to Mom's for dinner (yep making bread and crisp!)
  13. Laundry.
  14. Straighten up house.
  15. Pack lunches.
That's all I can think of right now, but it's enough right?  I think so!

UPDATE:  All finished except for apple pie and actually I was done by 1:30! Yay for me!