To Do List

Okay, I've marked almost all of my weekend list off of the master list, so I'm making a sub list for my day's activities.

  1. On computer, print grocery list.
  2. Match up coupons.Saved $90!!
  3. At grocery store before 9am Made it by 10:30--Boy #1 was at a game late!
  4. Make meatball mix, chili, chop onions, green peppers, salad etc!
  5. Finish Laundry
  6. Take Boy #2 to library?Doesn't need to go.
  7. Make crockpot up for tonight.
  8. Pack lunches
  9. Make eggplant casserole so my eggplant doesn't over ripen  rot. (No one likes that here but me Yay!)
  10. Download pictures!
First update!  Will cross off more later and I might even add some more stuff!
Update....all done!