My New To Me Table

Ooooh, Aaaah........yes, I'm prone to "phases" as I call them.  Yep, they are probably related to some obsessive tendencies but that's okay, it makes me feel like I always have a hobby.......and keeps life interesting.

With that being said, my new "hobby" is garage sale-ing.  I've gone to two community ones in the last month!  It was so cool, just like my own personal American Picker show.  Well, maybe not that good......I didn't find anything that was super high dollar although, I probably wouldn't know it if I did.  I've purchased some really nice things for my house since we're going through a mini remodel/decorate for the first time since we lived here for 6 year stage.

My most favorite thing I've gotten so far is the side table for my couch, its worn in all the right places, the perfect height for my couch and in a "classic" type of style.  My pictures and decorations fit perfectly!

The pillows on the to me!

I also found a lamp for about 1/8th of the cost of a new one.  Love it too!

I took this weekend off, but you can bet next weekend I'll be up bright and early to see what I can find.  Mike?  Frank?  You wanna come?