Menu Plan Monday 10/4/10

Pizza...............what a sight for sore eyes!  We have had pizza over the summer, but not too much because the heat from the oven is absolutely too much to tolerate when the temps outside are hovering at 90+ with humidity of about the same.  The cooler weather we have been having makes me want to continue the search for the perfect crust!  I've made some good ones but still haven't got it perfected yet!  Friday nights are back as homemade pizza nights!
Last week was pretty much perfect as far as dinner was concerned.  I spent some quality time in the kitchen one day so that the week wouldn't be too crazy and it actually worked out!  Hopefully this week will be the same.
I'm linking up at with lots of other great cooks and where my inspiration for this week comes from.  And, hey, thanks for stopping by to see what we're doing!  

Green Salad with Ginger Dressing
To Do:  Chop veggies, sausage, etc.

Lima Beans
To Do:  Nothing!  I'm off tomorrow.  Maybe go play tennis with Boy #2.

Roasted Chicken (making two)
Oven Baked Potato Wedges
Green Veggie
Crescent Rolls
To Do:  Make chicken salad, make stock in the crock pot with the leftovers, make chicken pot pie, make pizza dough for freezer, make Slab Apple Pie for freezer, 

Chicken Pot Pie
(I know, it's a heavy, chicken week...but this is a request as I won't be home anytime near dinner!)
Green Beans
To Do:  Assemble crock pot ingredients, leaving instructions for kids!

(Depends on what time I get off)
Rice or Noodles
Green Veggie
Bread and Butter

Homemade Pizza
using this Pizza Dough



  1. Your menu for the week looks great! I love the Chicken Pot Pie.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. We love our Friday night pizza nights, too! And I agree about the crust - that's what makes the pie, isn't it? That beer batter dough sure sounds promising! My husband has finally (after about 2 years!) gotten his sourdough crust to where he's satisfied with it - one secret is that he makes the dough of Tuesday for Friday - it makes a HUGE difference, believe it or not.


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