Breakfast Freezer Cooking

Nothing is as stupendous as having something in the freezer that makes you feel like a supermom in the wee hours of the morning when everyone is rushing around trying to get ready for work and/or school.  This made up recipe is a version that lots of other Moms probably already use but....mine turned out really yummy and they freeze and heat with fantabulous results.  We'll just call them:

Breakfast Burritos

9 eggs beaten well with a small amt (2 tsps cream) of liquid beaten well with them.
1/2 block cream cheese softened and cut into small cubes
1/2 block shredded sharp cheddar cheese
salt and pepper to taste
garlic powder to taste
1/2 can chopped green chilis drained
Approximately 15-20 flour tortillas warmed.

Lightly scramble the eggs adding the seasonings before or during cooking time, depending on your preference.  Only rule is that the cream cheese must be added soon enough to become "melty" throughout the eggs.  Prior to the eggs setting, add the chopped green chilis stirring to distribute evenly.  Depending on your desire, sprinkle egg mixture with some of the shredded cheese.  Using a  warm tortilla, add about 2 tbs egg mixture to the inside of the burrito, top with some of the shredded cheese and roll as you would an enchilada or taquito.  Place finished rolls on a cookie sheet that will fit in your freezer.  Freeze until firm enough to transfer into a storage bags.
When frozen in this manner,it allows you to remove however many you are wanting to eat at that time.  Wrap in a paper towel and heat on high setting in the microwave until cheese melts, and eggs are hot!  Serve with salsa if desired!  We like to add leftover ham, bacon, sausage, or whatever is left in the frig to jazz them up.  They are really a blank slate.

Kids like them, and Mom's like them because of their ease of preparation.