I have prevailed on my goal list this past week albeit with some variations for my comfort.  Heehee.

  • Took all my vitamins and B12 injections.
  • Went to bed close to 10:00--I was over about 10 minutes a couple of times.
  • Ate dinner a bit late two nights because I didn't get home until after 7pm.
This next week will be difficult for goal keeping because I know that work will be crazy.  I have been promised that after next week, the hours will decrease and the schedule will be modified.  I hope so, because work is the way I fund my real life.  I may have to make some changes in regards to my employment if the promises turn up to be empty ones.  For the time being, I'm thinking positive!  Even though the likelihood of me keeping to my goals is basically nil, I am going to write them down and at the end of next week, well, we'll just see how bad I did.

  1. Bed before 10:00pm except for Monday.
  2. Take all vitamins and B12 injections.
  3. No eating after 7:30--modified for success.
Happy week and best wishes! Good luck to me.