For my accountability, I am reporting in writing my progress towards my weekly goals.  I think I'm doing okay!

  • SUNDAY--Bed time 09:50 (before my curfew!), took vitamins, nothing to eat after 7pm!
  • MONDAY--Bed time 11:30 :(     Didn't get off work until 8 pm and I had to stay up a little (1hr past curfew) late.  Took vitamins, didn't eat past 7pm.  
  • TUESDAY--Stayed in bed until 8am and relaxed.  Took vitamins!  I'm off to a good start.....
My only issue is I have been unable to use my treadmill yet as the painting issue has my house a little messy and I don't have room to open it.  However, I was on my feet walking, lifting, pushing, pulling people for 13 hrs yesterday and............I'm counting it as exercise.

I'll report back tomorrow on my progress.  I already can tell that going to bed earlier Sunday made the 13 hr day on Monday a lot easier!  Going to bed early today sure will make my normal day tomorrow well....fantabulous (I hope).