Recipe review for Pesto Pasta Pea Salad

I loosely based my recipe on Ina's and found it to be wonderful!  I had a bunch of basil that needed to be trimmed from my plant and we were going to a neighborhood "shindig" and.... we love, love, love the green stuff!  To the basic recipe I added and or deleted the following ingredients:

  • Didn't have spinach, so I omitted.
  • Added Aldi's Applewood smoked ham slices.
  • Added chopped tomatoes.
  • Decreased the amount of peas to approximately 1 cup.
If you have a love of pesto like our family does, just try this one and know it's very forgiving.  A word to the wise though, a little garlic goes a long way.  I only added 4 good size cloves as opposed to the 9 that the recipe called for, and vampires would stay away for days it I were to breathe on them.  As if that would happen--Ha!