Sunday and Tuesday Dinner

The recipe we found here was yummy!  On a whim, we decided to make this, and I almost had all of the ingredients.  My husband was the assembler (bless his pea pickin heart), and I just made the substitutions while sitting on the couch and eating bon bons.  He added sauteed mushrooms instead of the green pepper and added one can of the cream of chicken soup as opposed to the two that were listed in the ingredient list.

It actually rained here today, so my picture is very dim and may even appear unappetizing, but my "foodie" kids didn't even give us one suggestion for changing it. That means it's a keeper in our house!

Tuesday's dinner and the recipe that I found in the Cooking Club magazine, well, with no hem hawing around; not so good.  I'm not even really sure why.  As I am prone to do, I added some cream cheese and red pepper spice was still not as flavorful as my own version for pesto sauce.  It was edible just not one to be repeated or even photographed.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained!