Sunday and Monday Dinner Review

Great plans leave behind great disasters..............but......................not this week!  Our rotisserie chicken turned out wonderful and there was not a bit to freeze.  (It was on the smallish side).  I just find it amazing how much better chicken in the crockpot tastes if you take the time to remove the skin and season the meat thoroughly!  You can get great directions if you head on over to  Just be sure to search under Rotisserie type chicken and the recipe will  pop right up.

The Pioneer Woman's Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich recipe is fantastic however, we don't eat it on a sandwich and significantly cut down on the butter added to the dish.  If you are living with as many carnivores as I am this is one to try!!!!  I don't believe that I have had any complaints when I make this.  I think this almost would make the perfect football or get together meal.  Just keep the meat warm in a crockpot.  VOILA, party food too.