Sinkholes Stink!!!

Sinkholes really do stink!  

However, they have provided numerous hours of fun for a neighborhood full of pranksters!  You know when you have a major construction job done in our have to get a port-a-potty.  When you have a port-a-potty sitting on the edge of your property, the fertile imaginations of your friends have a tendency to take off.

And yes, this was planned a while ago and discussed at length for just the right effect!
"Hey, how yooo doing?"
Bah Hahahahahahaha!

Placed in the depth of the deep, dark, night.......removed before anyone could see,(except for the one person in our neighborhood who works out early on Saturday morning) in the midst of a rainstorm the next morning.  Repainted and replaced the next night.  Notice the face, stealthily obtained by taking profile shots at a neighborhood shindig.  He sure has a big smile doesn't he?  Notice the detail of the toilet paper roll, so life like!  I think we have some budding artists.

 And by the way, is he waving?  Yep, he's just a friendly sort of guy.

Weekend warriors at work.


  1. Nice Work "NEIGHBORS" your love is truly a heart warming thing. It takes a team effort to put something like this together. I must say that it was awesome and very well done. We still love you guys.



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