Menu Plan Monday 8/2/10

This past week....well this past week, errrr...I was on a cooking vacation.  Yeh, that's right, that's what happened ;).  Menu plan?  What is a menu plan?  I have regressed to the non planning sloth I evolved from. Since I only had one child around, and he could only eat soft foods, it was SO easy NOT to cook.

But alas, vacation is over.  Boy #2 is back from church camp and Chippy (Boy #1) has recovered from his wisdom teeth surgery.  Back to the grind I guess!

Oh my latest, greatest, idea is to freeze the small amounts of leftovers that we generate and have Friday be our REAL homemade Friday Freezer Fiesta.  I've already started and we have approximately one cup of prepared taco meat!

Thanks for stopping by today, hope your day is GREAT.  Join us at every Monday for lots and lots of other ideas.  I know I'm inspired!

Family Sweet 16 Party--Shhh it's a surprise!
To Do:  Beef Roast in the crockpot, to pre-cook for tomorrow busy day dinner.

Green Salad
Whole Wheat Crackers
Graham Cracker Smores in the toaster oven
To Do:  Freeze any leftovers for Friday, chop onion and peppers.

Pasta Toss (I'll update my recipe later in the week)
Some Type of Homemade Bread
To Do:  Freeze any extra for Friday.

Vegetarian night!
Falafel Patty Melts

My birthday--eating out with work!

Any leftovers that have been frozen or frozen things that need to be eaten.

Pretty simple week using items that we have in our freezer and pantry.  I'm trying to use up everything so that when school starts we'll be beginning with a clean slate!

AS ALWAYS......................



  1. Enjoy the smores tonight. This looks like a great week!


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