Garbage Disposal Debacle

Okay, there are some modern conveniences that I think we might possibly consider living without.  Since we now put our vegetable peelings and such in our garden to enrich the soil, our garbage disposal gets used mostly for small things that are difficult to pick up with our fingers.  Since we're not feeding the disposal on a regular basis, it apparently developed an appetite for the Pampered Chef smallest of the small pinch bowls.
Now, we're not sure how the event occurred, but the bowl slipped into the garbage disposal and when doing our kitchen clean up we turned it on.  Needless to say my husband is now taking apart the blasted thing and he's not particularly happy with the situation.  Lots of grinding noises are coming from there............................Bye bye Pampered Chef cute little pinch bowl, my chopped jalapenos and rock star nail paste will miss you.