Wednesday Dinner on Thursday

We are all out of sync this week on our meal planning.  Yesterday, I remembered that at a local restaurant they have trivia night, and it is suitable for kids!  As a matter of fact, the person who asks the questions brings his seven year old son every week.  So, since I have been working a lot....I decided to take Boy #1, Boy#2 out on the town!  I was lucky enough that my friend and her daughter wanted to tag along; not only was the company really nice, but they knew most of the answers.
Alas, we didn't win :( but that's was just plain old fun!
So the Pork from Food On The Table was made tonight.

It was good, but not necessarily to our family's tastes.  This is my oldest son's plate, he said he was making a "Rice Bowl".  We had rice pilaf, and speckled butter beans to complete our meal.  We needed something green but I just didn't have anything!
Shopping is in order again, we have bare cupboard syndrome!