Tuesday To Do

I haven't written a To Do List on my blog for quite a while now, but today I am up early and want to write it all down so I can be accountable and productive! 
I'll update later for my own amusement.
  1. Wal Mart-Don't like this store but gotta do it today.
  2. Laundry
  3. Straighten house
  4. Make reservation
  5. Go to college
  6. Hair
  7. Call Chiropractor
  8. Take Boys clothes to donate
  9. Take class schedule for Boy #1 to high school counselor (make him do it)
  10. Budget on Paper
  11. Call Wendy
  12. Call Angie
  13. Call Jamie
  14. Bills :( did them the day before all my monthlies came in the mail)
  15. Call hospital about tomorrow.
  16. Contact Cathy about tomorrow
  17. Call eye doctor about contacts and scrip for Boy #1
Okay that's a start, I'm sure I'm forgetting something major but....if I think of it I'll update later!