Tex Mex Burgers with Cajun Mayo

It is physically impossible for me to follow a recipe, especially when the seasoning I thought I had was not in the cupboard.  So, I improvise!

I added the onion that was called for in the recipe, but when I checked my veggie basket, no fresh jalapeno.  So I trucked myself to the backyard and my jalapeno plant only has little baby fruit, so.....I added some crushed red pepper to the mix.  I also added a little more worcestershire sauce than what is listed in the ingredients.  The spice mix that I added to the hamburger was a sample with lots of granulated garlic, so I omitted the fresh.    Unfortunately, we had run out of pepper jack cheese, so I used good 'ole sliced American.  I used the same spice mix to flavor the mayo and added some cayenne pepper for heat.  We topped the burgers with pickled jalapenos, lettuce and tomato and served them with conk peas, sauteed okra, and rice.  We also had berry muffins for dessert.  Can you tell I was off today?

Even with all of the substitutions/changes this recipe is the real thing.  With two teenage boys, rarely does anything not get eaten, but tonight they both expressed their content with our meal.