My (just know you're waiting with baited breath) update for my to do list

Okay, so I thought that college students don't get up early and that I'd beat the line by heading on over to the college early.  Well......I was wrong.  I also thought that our local college might have become a bit more informed as to the left hand knowing what the right hand was doing in the past 10 years since I graduated.  I was wrong.  But you know, that's okay, because eventually, I got to the right person who gave me great information.  I only had to go to three buildings, talk to 5 people, make a follow up phone call, and send two emails.  I didn't even get frustrated. 

It's gonna be a long 2 years.

Anyway, I did do the following today (including the visit to the college)
  1. Went to Target (its close to the college) instead of Wal Mart. Yay!
  2. Did laundry
  3. Straightened the house and cleaned out and wiped down the drawers in the bathroom
  4. Made a reservation
  5. Got hair done
  6. Called the chiropractor
  7. Made Boy #1 take his schedule to counselor who wasn't there-he'll go back tomorrow
  8. Called Angie and had lunch with her
  9. Called Jamie like a jillion times (kept thinking of other things to tell her)
  10. Called the hospital
  11. Called the eye doctor
  12. Made dinner
  13. Cleaned kitchen
  14. Put up clean laundry
  15. Called my sister
  16. Unloaded the dishwasher
I still need to do my paper budget, and bills.  Do you see a theme here?  I'm also going to check my email for responses from the college.  Then I am DONE for today!