Menu Plan Monday 7/12/2010

I absolutely did better with my plan towards the end of the week.  We made meatballs in marinara, on sub rolls with mozzarella melted on top for Friday's dinner. YUM!  The Farmer's market yielded one great find.  I got one half of a bushel of conch peas and even got a lesson on cooking and storing them from the vendor.  My family has been cooking and eating conch peas forever....but I've never made them the way that she described.  So....I tried it out and I believe I have a new favorite way.  It is much healthier and doesn't involve a ham hock.(I'll write a post on the process later in the week)  Saturday's dinner (which I don't usually post) is blackened grouper and sauteed scallops.  My niece's Dad sent them to us after a successful fishing adventure.  Thanks Chris!  Luckily, my husband will be home to cook the fish......I'm just not that good at it!  Since fish isn't my favorite, I just haven't developed my skills in that area.
Anyhow, this week is going to be low, low stress with no new recipes since I'm on semi-vacation.
Thanks for stopping by to see what's happening this week.  I just love when a plan comes together, so with fingers crossed, here goes.

  • SUNDAY--Pizza and Tossed Salad with Balsamic Vinagerette To Do:  Have husband make dough before leaving for work.  Chop salad ingredients.  Make burritos for tomorrow. Boil chicken first!

  • MONDAY--Crispy Chicken Burritos, Chopped Lettuce/Tomato, Mexican Rice, Corn  To Do:  Take cubed steak out of the freezer.

  • TUESDAY--Cubed Steak, Scalloped Potatoes, Lima Beans.  To Do:  Put chicken in the teriyaki marinade (soy sauce and brown sugar, some pepper and garlic)

  • WEDNESDAY--Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, Noodles, Steamed Broccoli.  To Do:  Chop chicken into bite size pieces.

  • THURSDAY--Leftover Chicken Salad, Corn Muffins.  To Do:  Nothing, I'm out of town!

  • FRIDAY--Out of Town

Thanks to Laura at for hosting our Menu Plan Monday which makes me actually think before I shop and thereby save some cash!  Having a plan feels necessary in my busy life. 



  1. I love the variety of this week meal plan. Yum, pizza tonight!

  2. Your menu sounds really yummy! I played too. :-)

  3. Looks like a great week. Thanks so much for including Food on the Table last week. Have a great trip!


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