You Know You Do

Summertime shows just CRACK me up.  America's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, etc., etc.  Thanks to the best invention, at least in my opinion, the DVR makes watching these shows a super duper convenient process.  However, they really wouldn't make it during other times of the year, now would they?

Nigel Lythgoe, Mia Michaels and Adam Shankman judge the competition on  So You Think You Can Dance  from the episode 'Top 10 Perform'.
Both of the examples given above absolutely exemplify and honor the human spirit.  You just find yourself cheering for the guy with the biggest sob story or the most dramatic life....even though you know that the producers plan it that way.

Right now, I'm watching the mother of the star of the movie Precious perform.  Not only can her daughter act, but this woman CAN sing!!!!! 

Big drama, big story, big advertising dollars, but I like it!  Pretty much wholesome entertainment that we all can watch!

Can't wait till the next one!