SUPER EASY party recipes!

As I'm sure you know....the best dishes ever come from gatherings with family and friends.  The two I'm going to give you here may not be unknown to you.....but they are ones that I have never had before.  You can definitely bet that I'll be having them again!  I may even become known for my Cookie Delight and my Creamy Spicy Salsa. 

No really,  I will attribute these recipes properly to those who brought them.  Christine...thank you for the Creamy Spicy Salsa.  Karen.....thank you for the Cookie Delight. 

Now what was that I read about 10% change and copyright law?  Just kidding.......and seriously both of these were GREAT and most importantly simple.  No pictures were made because they were eaten too quickly!

1  block cream cheese softened
1 can Rotel tomatoes(about half of the juice drained)

Mix ingredients well and serve with tortilla chips.  It is best served when softer, and we added some jalapeno salsa on top of the scoop/chip.

1-2 package Chips Ahoy original cookies
2 containers Cool Whip softened
Milk ?? don't know how much but enough to dunk cookies in prior to layering.

Dunk cookies in the milk and place a single layer in the bottom of a 9X13 lasagna like pan.  Cover with cool whip.  Repeat layers ending with cool whip.  Crush enough cookies to decorate the top.  Place in the freezer until firm.  Cut into squares and serve, refreezing leftovers!

Next time we have a gathering, I am sure to make one of I'll just take a picture then.