Sunday and Tuesday's Dinners

My Boy #1 was smart and put his chicken on the top making for a much better picture than..
The lemon vinegarette is really tasty, but any dressing that you like would also be good.  I used romaine as the lettuce because that's what the kids like, but a spring mix is much better to

Those teenagers just don't think a meal is complete without meat, but Mom likes lots of things that are vegetarian so amidst all the complaining, I think I have found a gem in this recipe for falafel.  As usual, I didn't buy the pita bread (wish I had), and I didn't buy the Havarti with dill cheese (its expensive) so as my friend's have started saying, I "tabbed" it up a bit.  I used flour tortillas, mozzarella cheese with dill sprinkled over for the pricy and missing ingredients.
The result was an easy quick vegetarian meal that could be varied using whatever I have on hand.  I'll make sure I have pitas though the next time or...hmmm I could make those too.