Those sneaky, no good, rotten varmits have bred.  I walked out on to the back deck to check my plants, and just so happened to glance in the deep end of the pool.


One was curled up ready to strike sitting perfectly lifelike in the bottom.  And....just so you know, I was glad, although a little freaked out.  The other two were in the skimmer dead as a doornail.

I was glad.

If you haven't guessed, I hate snakes. 

Give me a spider or a roach to smush.....NO problem.  One little snake will induce a fear in me like no other.  I become statue like whenever faced with one.

I say good riddance.

Oh but wait, how many babies do they have at a time?  Well, however many they have, I hope they all jump in that big cement pond in my back yard.

I also hope somebody else (DH, Boy #1, or Boy #2) finds them and disposes of the carcass.

Ignorance is bliss.