My After I've Done It To Do List

Phew...I believe I'm tired, and just to satisfy my list making, cross offing personality type, I'm gonna write it all down.  When I look back next week (because I plan not to do much after working straight through till Tuesday) I will still feel like I have accomplished some stuff.

  1. Take Boy #1 to school.
  2. Dollar Store
  3. Put Chicken in the crockpot (after taking skin off)
  4. Pay Bills
  5. Call Pharmacy
  6. Call Florida Prepaid
  7. Balance Check Book AGAIN (Time's going by quickly)
  8. Write a post
  9. Laundry
  10. Change Sheets
  11. Finish Book
  12. Lay out in the sun (hey it is my day off)
  13. Pick up kids
  14. Run my surrogate daughter to dancing
  15. Grocery Store
  16. Buy Powerball (The jackpot is so high--ya gotta)
  17. Fill out financial paperwork
  18. Call Mom
  19. Call Sister
  20. Clean up house and put away laundry
  21. Make my lunch
  22. Make coffee for tomorrow am

Definitely, a full day!