Mix Match of Dinner Photos

Breakfast Pizza made with this recipe
DH's and Boy #2 creation

Cowboy Nachos from here.
Okay, I improvised a bit, but...how can you mess this up?

Leftover potatoes with tomatoes and seasoned well, YUM.
Creole sloppy joes from here.
I served them on sandwich thins (because that's what we had)

The meal above was on the table in 5 minutes as I had made the meat before and frozen it flat in a storage bag.  I just took it out before work, put in the frig, and heated in a frying pan on the stove when I got home.  The potatoes and beans were made yesterday and heated up!  Love an easy day.

My pork from yesterday was AWFUL, not the recipe but the operator.  I had a treatment at the physician's office yesterday which went on and on and on.  So needless to say, the pork was overcooked and dry.  I was able to eat a little but dry pork....Yuk!  I used a pork tenderloin which only needed about 1/2 of the time that it actually cooked.  Oh well, they can't all be winners.