The menu plan I devised on Friday evening for the week was quite ambitious considering that I worked each weekend day and had other activities and obligations during that time.  Needless to say......I have already bombed....but today, today, today I will prevail, even though I have two end of the year school events (at two different schools) that occur right at dinner time.
Planning is always in motion!

  1. Call the payroll dept.
  2. Clean out e-mail
  3. Go to Winn Dixie for eggs
  4. Go to Aldi for Ham--Nope decided not to make
  5. Make orzo salad--Made a real salad instead
  6. Make egg salad
  7. Bank with deposits to kids accounts
  8. Make lasagnas (one for the freezer)--No ham
  9. Marinate steak in freezer--I actually took out of freezer
  10. Finish clothes and put away--They are in my room at least
  11. Enter payments to quicken
  12. Pedicure ?????--Not till Friday, painted my own
  13. Clean off counters
  14. Prep vegetables for rest of week
  15. Look for some clothes for kids--Went swimming instead
  16. Make second batch of meatballs and freeze
  17. Bread Store
  18. Check bank balance
  19. B12 injection
Okay that's my starter and I'm heading out around 8:30 so that I can get to some of the places as soon as they open.  I really have a whole bunch of other stuff to get done but....I don't want to run around "like a chicken with my head cut off" on my only day off this week.  Somehow, I thought weekend work while the kids are out of town with their Grandparents was a "grand" idea.  Hah!  
I'll add an update later, just so I can mark all my stuff makes my personality type happy!

***UPDATE--Also went to Beall's Outlet for the emergency outfit change for the Band Concert, and did some laundry.  All in all a pretty successful day!  Haven't been following my Menu plan AT ALL!  So tonight, grilled chicken salad!*****