New...Shopping Tuesday

I'm changing it up a little bit and planning to do my big shop for the week on Tuesdays.  I'm normally off on this day...which allows me to take the time to focus on getting the best deals using coupons.  I can make my list on the weekend and then head out bright and early to the store.  I'm also planning on teaching my teenage son how to "coupon" shop this summer, so maybe.....he can take over the shopping using a menu plan and the list I make for him.  We'll see.

  • Physician appointment
  • Grocery Shop
  • Cook special birthday dinner-salad,blondies,lasagna etc, etc.
  • Complete bill paying
  • Laundry
  • Gather giveaway bag for meeting on Wednesday
  • Get car washed
I think that is about all I can do, since I am having my parents over to celebrate for the birthday boy.  Of course, I 'll be sprucing up the bathrooms, family, and dining rooms for the "fest".

I'll update later to cross off the things I've done!