Monday's Dinner

The recipe I tried for this crockpot beef turned out really good.  As we all know, I don't really follow the recipe exactly, but this time I at least added all of the ingredients.  I used a chuck roast and since I removed the meat to shred after cooking then added the meat back to the crockpot after removing any visible wasn't greasy. 

I would have taken a picture, but......
  1. We got home late from the Awards Ceremony.
  2. No sides were made (see #1)
  3. Dad ate all the leftovers (no picture before, see #1)
Anyway, this is the link for Barbequed Beef,... just use it as a starting point and enjoy.

Also for your viewing pleasure....Boy #2 won the 7th grade Symphonic Band Award.  Great job son!

P.S.  (My list from Tuesday was complete except for getting the car washed, it looked like rain....oh well)