I was reading my email today and since I receive updates from, I read a portion of the post that involved freezer cooking.  Now, I did do one of the prepare ahead (you assemble) dinner places.  It was fun.  It was convenient.  It was less expensive than eating out.  Unfortunately, that said place decreased the portion sizes and increased their prices making the "bargain" not so much.

With that being said, the writer of hip2save and her friends had a wonderful idea.  Have a group of friends prepare 1 dinner for the amount in the group....then exchange with the others.  This would be a GREAT idea if I had a group of friends who enjoyed cooking and planning like myself...but alas, I don't.

So...I came up with an idea to stock my freezer.  Each week, I will prepare one type of freezer meal but in large enough quantities to feed my family of four, four times.  After one month, I will have sixteen go to meals.  Not only will this make one or two week nights really simple..but my kids will be able to assemble a meal easily on their own.

This will also allow me to take advantage of the meat sales each week.  I just need some recipes for things that can be frozen but also will utilize my grill, not the oven.  It is hot outside, and I'm just trying to conserve my A/C resources...if you're from the North, think about your heating bill in the winter. 

If you have any ideas for recipes, let me know.  I have a couple of online resources, but they are untested, so any comments would be sorely appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by. : )