To Do Sunday

I know my opinion is probably not popular, but I REALLY hate the fact that the time changes just as I'm getting used to the old one.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know we can do more outside at night before it gets dark but really, I am positive that I won't get any more "planting" done after I get home from my real job.  No, I am not anti-planting, in fact I need to get busy with mine, or it will be too late and too hot, but I think that losing an hour of sleep in an already sleep deprived nation is not a great idea.  Think of the increases in irritability in our population.  Do we really need that?  I think not.
Okay off my soapbox and with an hour less to accomplish this, here's my To Do:
  1. Grocery Store
  2. Cut veggies--cabbage, onions, asparagus, lettuce,
  3. Grill Chicken for later in week and for chicken salad
  4. Make meatloaf
  5. Make soup
  6. Laundry (As always)
  7. Change sheets
  8. Clean out car
  9. Iron clothes for tomorrow
That's it, I think.  This should prepare us for the week ahead and stock up so that my boys won't say "Mom, there is nothing to eat here."  Oops, better get started since I'm already behind an hour. LOL