Things To Do Before the Weekend Is Over List

  1. Go through the stacks on my counter.
  2. File the stacks on my counter.
  3. Shop for weekly groceries.
  4. Throw a little dodgeball party Woohoo done!
  5. Chop vegetables
  6. Plan lunches
  7. Make Cinnamon cake
  8. Make oatmeal cookies
  9. Brown some hamburger
  10. Laundry--5-6 loads
  11. Buy a powerball ticket (140 million)
  12. Clean out the inside of my car.
  13. Make some homemade bread..not just pizza dough
  14. Dust
  15. Clean bathrooms
  16. Take a picture of the laundry room for the 28 day challenge.
  17. Watch some DVR shows
  18. Oh yeah,  after I clean up my stacks duh duh duh Pay Bills : (
  19. Balance checkbook
  20. Rejoice that i am able to work enough to pay our bills.