Food Review

This week surprisingly enough, the new recipes went very well, with two out of the three new recipes being super tasty.  The meatloaf flavors were not to our family's liking but....since against my better judgement, I didn't tweak the time it will be great.  The recipe I followed suggested freezing the loaf to keep the cheese from leaking out and it worked beautifully. 
The pork satay was all gone before the kitchen was even wiped down, with the peanut sauce being the number condiment of the night.  The macaroni and cheese recipe is definitely one to make again.  It was great even though I didn't add the 4 cups of cheese that was supposed to be included (I added like 2 1/2).  This was our vegetarian night!  Hopefully, I can plan as well for next week because my prep time was virtually zero this week!
I love it when my plan comes together which is a rare occurrence....such is life.
Keep your fingers crossed and good thoughts coming my way, as tomorrow I will be hosting a Dodgeball party for about 20 thirteen year olds.  I'll post some pictures after its all over!