Menu Plan Monday 01/04/10

This is the first meal plan of the year and my goal is to have healthier menus.  I am hoping that this trend continues throughout the year...but I'm shootin for at least a week.  When I'm working during the week, it is certainly easier to make a casserole (covered with cheese) but I am going to try to make things that are closer to "whole foods".   In the place of the beloved casserole, I am going to make stir-frys with the veggies pre cut the night before. I cooked a ham over this weekend and I have part frozen for future use, and some portioned for sandwiches and soups later in the week.

Breakfasts are usually toast, fruit, cereal, and leftovers.  My boys like dinner for breakfast!
Lunches are packed from home and are sandwiches, yogurt, and fruit.

Have a great week and for lots of great ideas is the place to go!

SUNDAY--Beef vegetable soup with lentils, cornbread.
MONDAY-- Baked chicken breast, vegetables, rice
WEDNESDAY--Chicken stir fry with rice
THURSDAY--Grilled greek hamburgers with yogurt cucumber dressing, salad.
FRIDAY--Thin crust pizza with veggies and ham, salad
SATURDAY--Grilled pork chops, noodles, corn