I am a statistical joke, I was born in Florida, live in Florida, and had my children in Florida.  Counting my kids we have 3 generations of my family who consider Florida their home.  We would have had 4 had my Grandparents been born here instead of Georgia.  They did move here when they were very small.  When people tell me that they "love to visit, but could NEVER move here", I think WooHoo, we don't have much room so stay where you are.  I also think, "I love to visit ____, but I would NEVER want to live there either".  I also know that those from other states put us in the category of weird comparable to California.  Well, if we are comparable in weirdness to California, maybe we aren't weird at all.......Maybe the people from ____ are the ones with the problem!
I think that Ohio people are weird and where the heck is Iowa anyway?  Is Idaho a landlocked state?  What kind of people live there?  Isn't it like 100 degrees below zero in the winter?  Now Oregon fascinates me, but that might just be the Little People Big World show.  I want a farm like that with kids that are capable of hardwiring a generator and would rather do something outside instead of playing nonstop video games but I digress.....I am a Floridian and proud to be so no matter that I am a very, very, small, getting smaller sect of the population!
This is home, complete with 100% humidity and 100 degree temps.


  1. HECK YES!

    I'm not sure about all those other states out in the middle either, Aunty. Its like my brain sees a Sea of Emptiness, the the west coast. There is no in between :)

    Love you,
    Neice #1


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