My To Do (so my brain can relax) List

  1. Take hamburger and bacon out of freezer.
  2. Take chicken off the bone for empanadas.
  3. Boil bones for stock.
  4. Chop red pepper for freezer.
  5. Chop onions for freezer.
  6. Make porcupine meatballs for freezer.
  7. Make garbanzo bean sauce.
  8. Get St Pete newspaper.
  9. Make list with coupons.
  10. Grocery Store
  11. Take recyclables.
  12. Make soup.
  13. Pack lunches for everyone.(add jar of apple butter for Tina)
  14. Make kids clean room and bathroom.
  15. Iron outfits for work.
  16. Redo key chain.
  17. Print coupons from email.
Okay, I did everything plus made broccoli salad and apple salad. I did forget to iron my work clothes, and redo my key chain so that they will fit in my pocket again.  Oh well, I'm TIRED, and there is tomorrow.