Busy Busy

I have almost completed my list.
  1. Get car washed.
  2. Go to bank.
  3. Gather clothes for washing.
  4. Balance check book.
  5. Online bill pay.
  6. Clean bathroom.
  7. Grocery Store.
  8. Unload dishwasher
  9. File paid bills and healthcare statements.
  10. Organize coupons.
  11. Find new recipe for pizza dough.
  12. Make pizza dough.
  13. Pick son and friend up from school.
  14. Put  1,222 loads of laundry away (Yuk)
I'm sure a few more things will be added to the list before bedtime.  I almost (use that term very loosely) wish I was at work today, but all the things I completed today will make the rest of the week SO much easier.  We have volleyball practice, environmental club, youth group and lots of other activities that we will be running back and forth to.  Oh yes, I just realized I ended a sentence with a preposition (I think that's what it's called). I may have to study a few Language Arts lessons to brush up on my grammar. Sorry off on a tangent...

LAST PIECE OF GOOD NEWS.....maybe my complaining about the heat on Sunday brought on some cooler weather.  According to the weather report, the high on Saturday will be 74 degrees!  Woohoo!


  1. Hope you got your son at school and just forgot to cross it off your list! LOL Thanks for visiting my blog @ Life Domestic. I am praying for cooler weather!


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