Menu Plan Monday 5/4/15

Happy Monday, I'm flying by the seat of my pants this week for a plan.  I've been planting flowers and spreading mulch this past weekend and haven't been cooking or thinking of cooking much.  I'm still watching my pennies (literally, lol) so cooking and eating at home is a must.  I also found four packages of organic chicken for a fantastic price so I bought them all!  Needless to say, chicken is on the menu this week. 

Sunshine and roses to you.

Image result for pictures of marinated with herbs grilled chicken
{making extra for freezer}
Pearled Couscous
Grilled Artichokes or some sort of Vegetable
To Do:  Put meat in the frig, wrap potatoes.

{I'm using previously frozen taco meat}
loaded baked potato tacos 
Chopped Tomatoes
Sliced Lettuce
To Do:Chop chicken
Image result for pictures of grilled chicken PASTA

{using leftover chicken}
Lemon Ricotta Pasta with Red Peppers
Salad in a Bag
{I just can't make salad on a weeknight and it's on sale}
Garlic Bread
{using roasted garlic butter}
To Do:  Put the chops in the frig

Image result for pictures of grilled PORK CHOPS
Grilled Pork Chops with this Brine
{very similar to my Mom's with the deletion of cheese, will post a review}
Grilled Green Beans
To Do:  Nothing, no cooking tomorrow.

I'm hoping to make some extra things this week for lunches and to just have in the frig for snacking for the boys.  Here are a few of the recipes on my mind.

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